Cyber Brains #4734

"Cyber Brains" is an NFT collection of colorful and artistic brains generated from numerous materials at random.
Each brain possesses its own unique powers and each one compounded by the next!
Collect the illusive *"Triple Rainbow Brain!" or the rare "Electrifying Cyborg Brain!"
Mints are limited! Chrome, Blood and Rainbow properties are highly sought after and contribute to the NFT's rarity!


Credits: This collection wouldn't be possible without the help of these resources:

[NFTPort API](


Schedule: All NFTs are minted in a random order ignoring rarity, using a script.

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##Sales benefit those with physical disabilities!

Cyber Brains
Address: 0x70eb12b4a505b95794e94755560f83f2a284d57c
Token Id: 4734